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How to Care for Your Candle

Updated: Mar 8

We've all been in love with candles at some point in our lives. Whether your'e a candle beginner or a novice, candles have a way of making us feel good.

Candles come in many shapes and sizes, colours and bases. At Red Sun Aromatherapy, we focus on soy wax container candles. However, no matter the candle type, all candles require similar care. Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your candle and be as safe as possible while burning.

1. Trim your wicks before each burn

You want your wick to be about 1/4 of an inch. This helps control the height of the flame. It also improves the burn, prevents mushrooming and gives off a little less smoke.

2. Let your first burn reach the width of the jar

Your first burn of the candle is called a Memory Burn. Allowing it to reach the full width of the jar affects how it burns every time after (this burn is usually about 4 hours).

Outing your candle before it reaches the width of the jar can cause tunnelling. This leaves a lot of unburned wax on the sides of the jar and may result in the candle finishing faster. But no worries, It can be fix with a little foil paper trick (would show y'all another time).

3. Don't blow out your candles

We've found that blowing out your candles leaves a lingering smoke scent, and obscures the fragrance that had already filled the room. Instead, put the lid back on the candle. If you already own a candle accessory kit, the dipper or snuffer can be used to out your candle.

These candle accessory kits are all over the market. The kits usually include a wick trimmer, dipper and snuffer, making it perfect for taking care of your candles.

4. Avoid drafts, curtains or anything flammable

Candles are open flames and we'd hate for you to burn anything in your home or other spaces. Make sure the candle is in site and on a flat levelled surface. Avoid leaving unattended or in the reach of pets and children. We'd hate or any accidents to occur.

Warning Labels

Candles come with warning labels because we want to ensure you are being safe while enjoying your candle. Customer safety comes first above all, and we encourage all to read the labels usually found at the bottom of our candles.

There are a few more tips but these are the core guidelines for now. Whether it's a candle from Red Sun Aromatherapy or another beloved candle brand, follow the instructions on how to care for your candle and be safe.


*Information gathered through educational research over the years.

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