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Self Care Sundays

Ah yes. That one day in the week where we dedicate time to relaxing, rejuvenating and prepping ourselves for the upcoming week. Some of us may have this day on Saturdays, or even other days of the week but the base is the same. We exfoliate, do masks, light candles, journal and maybe even mani/pedis.

Sidenote: Self care for one may look like maintenance for someone else, but essentially we are intentional and these activities are great for relaxing.

A couple other self care activities include massages, dancing around the house, taking yourself out for dinner and going to therapy. Yes, therapy.

I want us to remember that self care shouldn't be reserved for the weekends only. It should be part of our daily routine simply because these actions help improve our moods. If you read our Mental Health Awareness blog, you'd remember a few more self care habits RSA mentioned:

  • Challenging negative thoughts with 2 positives

  • Not comparing your experience to others

  • Taking are of your body through exercise

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