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About Us



Red Sun Aromatherapy focuses on creating a positive space with aromatherapy candles. Different fragrances are used to best suit the desired feeling and purpose. 


Our main pillars are mental health awareness and environmental sustainability.


Red Sun Aromatherapy is  targeted at those who may want a healthier and more Eco-friendly candle. The ingredients used give a cleaner burn and reduces harmful emissions unlike other candles.

Although talking about mental health is still a bit taboo here in the BVI, we wanted to create a space by using a tool that people love, to aid in starting a dialouge.

Meet the creator

Chenae is the owner and candle maker of Red Sun Aromatherapy. Candle making started as a hobby back in 2014. It was on the back burner for a while but she recently sought out the opportunity to get back into it.

Chenae was not always an avid candle user but she enjoys the process of making them, as well as the fun she can have while doing so.

Name origin

The sun symbolizes endurance. It is a reminder to keep shining, even on the cloudiest of days. And although the sun may set, it always rises again the next day.

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