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Customer Care

Red Sun Aromatherapy strives to provide customers with great customer service. We aim to remain professional and put our customers first. Providing quality customer service means being both open and flexible.


Our main pillars are mental health awareness and environmental sustainability. These drive us to create positive and safe spaces with the use of candles. 

All our candles are made with care, because we want our customers to experience the best we have to offer. 


We offer candles for individual or wholesale purchase. Note than no inquiry is too large. 


Wholesale & custom Inquiries

Retailers are encouraged to reach out to us about wholesale orders. We are interested in partnering with companies whose goals and values align with ours.


Individual customers or retailers can also inquire about custom orders. We are open to helping you create that positive space for yourself, or a special gift for others. 

Custom orders may include a different vessel than one of our own, or a custom fragrance that you may like. 



Give us a call, send an email, or submit the Contact Form with your queries. We'd love to hear from you.


Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Visa Debit/Credit Card

- ATH Movil

- Offline Payments

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