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Candle Holiday Guide: The Perfect Gift

Updated: Mar 8

Candles have been trending up for some time now. Whether as an amateur candle user or a candle lover, I'm sure you can appreciate that warm feeling any candle brings.

Your search for the perfect present ends here. Candles are often seen as the ultimate relaxation item or even luxury household pieces. They brighten up any space and make any room a bit cozier. Now I'm not just saying these things as the candle maker, but the feedback from other consumers rings loud and clear.

Red Sun Aromatherapy prides itself on creating candles to promote positive mental health, environmental sustainability and creating safe and comfortable spaces with its fragrances. We understand that sometimes it is hard to choose the right fragrance for yourself or as a gift for someone else, so we are here to make it easy.


Gifts for Women

Women are usually associated with floral scents. Now I'm not disagreeing but I've found a few of our women consumers really enjoy masculine fragrances as well. Notes like Teakwood, Amber, Frankincense and Sandalwood are nice earth scents women enjoy, that definitely warms up any space.

From our Holiday Collection, we recommend We Three Kings and Cinnamon Chai.

From our Signature Collection, we recommend Island Love.

Gifts for Men

Now men do typically enjoy masculine fragrances. However, we have noted that a few of them favor lighter notes when selecting candles for their space. We've picked out a few popular candles that your partner or colleague can enjoy.

From our Holiday Collection, we recommend Cinnamon Chai, Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint.

From our Signature Collection, we recommend Sea Breeze and Sunrise.

Fragrance Finder Quiz

In for a bit of mystery?

Use our Scent Quiz available on our website. It's one of those fun things you do to see what scent best matches who you are as a person. It's also a great way to find something you probably haven't tried before.

Holiday Extras


Outside of grabbing individual candles, we offer bundles with up to 6 candles, depending on the collection. These bundles are great for candle lovers as they get to experience multiple fragrance blends.


Our wick trimmers are also available on our site. They are a small addition that can enhance any gift or gift bundle.

If you're wondering why you should grab one, wick trimmers help maintain your candle by keeping the week short and clean. This can help extend the shelf life of your candle.

Gift Cards

Although we believe to have mentioned a few solid recommendations, sometimes it's still difficult to shop for our loved ones. With Gift Cards, you get to put the power back in their hands and let them choose what fragrance is best for them.


Red Sun Aromatherapy enjoys bringing people together for the holiday season. Friends, family and colleagues all deserve the gift of relaxation, the gift of luxury. Let's continue to show our loved ones that we care and gift a RedSun candle this season.

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